When it Began as breeders in New York...


Cripple Creek Farm began in 1976 when Fred and Barb Echtner purchased the family farm from Fred's parents, Joe and Betty Echtner. We milked cows on our 500 acre farm with our two sons in the mountains above the Village of Middleburgh in the beautiful Schoharie Valley of upstate New York. In 1989 we purchased our very first German Shepherd girl named Classic's Queenie Girl. We bred her to General's Maxim Bullied and a wonderful thing happened....Cripple Creek German Shepherds.

Ever since, there have been many beautiful and quality German Shepherd dogs raised here on the farm. We pride ourselves in the disposition of our dogs as they are raised as part of the family. Our dogs are good, sturdy and strong and are quite handsome to see. They “work” with us as often as we let them. Their “work” involves running with the 4~wheeler, the side by side and swimming in the farm pond at every opportunity in the Summer and running with the snowmobiles in the Winter. Our dogs absolutely love to play fetch with any stick, ball or Frisbee any time. They have tremendous “ball drive” and are so competitive when playing. We actually have to hide the toys sometimes at the end of the day so we get some rest.  They are tireless to say the least.

When you visit our photo gallery, you will see pictures of some of our pups that are enjoying their lives with their new families. We always welcome visitors although being farmers, we do request that you first make an appointment. One thing as a breeder is that we always stress to any prospective puppy owner is that the pup will likely be a full member of your family for many years to come and taking the time to choose and decide is the most important part of ownership.

Visit many breeders and be sure of your choice of pets. This is why we never mind visitors, it is all part of the decision making process. Take your time and do your homework in choosing your German Shepherd puppy